The History of Marvel Universe – Part 4 Ancient Civilisations (2)

Welcome to Part 4 of the History of Marvel Universe Project! This post follows the Ancient Egyptian civilisation as a continuation from the previous part. Also if you haven’t already read the previous posts, do give them a read before starting this one, as they will give you a much bigger picture of the universe than this post alone. Enjoy!

Ancient Egypt (3,400 BC – 332 BC)

The very first mention of the name Egypt can be traced back as far as 10,000 BC, in the region of Nile River Valley, a group of inhabitants established a kingdom called Stygia. Nearing the end of the Hyborian Age, a group of Vanir invaders took control of Stygia and formed a new Empire called Egypt. The very first Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt came to power much later in around 3,400 BC.

Nathaniel Richards (Kang the Conqueror)

Nathaniel Richards

In the distant future of 31st century AD, a scientist named Nathaniel Richards, sick and tired of the utopian and peaceful life style, decided to create a time machine and travel back to ancient time to experience the adventures he could only see on TV. Knowing that the Egyptians worshipped the Sphinx, he constructed the time machine that appeared to be a Sphinx and travelled back to 2950 BC. Another reason Richards chose this particular time was that he was in possession of a device that could locate one of the world’s first mutants, En Sabah Nur, who would later become the super-villain Apocalypse.

Due to some mechanical issues, the time machine crashed in the Egyptian desert and Richards was injured and blinded. He was later found unconscious by the Sandstormers, a tribe of raiders and scavengers. Fascinated by the machine and the way Richards was dressed, they didn’t kill him but decided to take him captive to find out more about this mysterious person. The Sandstormers nursed Richards back to health but his eyes still could not see, he woke up and started firing blinded using his futuristic weapons and escaped captivity from the Sandstormers. However, now the device that can locate En Sabah Nur was now being possessed by the Sandstormers.

Sphinx Time Machine


Richards met more Egyptians during his escape, using his weapons as a threat, he enslaved the Egyptians and they found a herb that restored Richards’ eyesight.

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At that time, Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh Amenhotep, using his weapons and technology, Richards easily dethroned Amenhotep and became the new Pharaoh, he called himself Rama-Tut.

Weeks later, Rama-Tut assembled an army to raid the Sandstormers camp in hope to retrieve the device, as he was eager to find Apocalypse to make him his heir. However, the Sandstormer hid the device and refused to tell him its whereabouts. In his furious wrath, Rama-Tut slew most of the stormers. A few managed to escape, including their leader Baal. Upon learning the secret of En Sabah Nur, Baal devoted his life to finding him, hoping to use him as a weapon to rule over all Egypt.

While continuing to search for Nur, Rama-Tut used his abundant knowledge in futuristic sciences to transform Egypt into a technologically advanced Empire.

During Rama-Tut’s reign, the Fantastic Four also travelled back to Ancient Egypt in search of an element to restore Alicia Masters‘ vision (NOTE: Alicia Masters was The Thing‘s girlfriend). They were captured and enslaved by the Egyptians using Rama-Tut’s advanced weapon technology, Rama-Tut even made Sue Storm his queen. However, The Thing managed to seize one of the weapons and freed the team. With their existing powers, the Four subdued the Egyptians and forced Rama-Tut to flee back to his time machine.

En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse)

Sometime during Rama-Tut’s reign, En Sabah Nur was born in a remote settlement called Akkaba. Born with grey skin and blue markings on his face, he was seen as an abomination and was abandoned to die by his parents and tribesmen. Having survived Rama-Tut’s slaughter, Baal and his Sandstormers continued to roam the desert. With the help of the device, they were able to locate Nur. Baal found the infant crying in the middle of the desert and took him as his own son.


Growing up amongst the Sandstormers, Nur was feared by almost all for his appearance and his great powers. At the rite of his passage into manhood, Nur killed 3 of his tribesmen bare-handed. During a battle with the Egyptian army, both Baal and Nur were trapped in the tribe’s underground sacred site due to a cave-in, and Baal told Nur that he had the power to overthrow Rama-Tut. Having no food or water, they wandered deep inside the cave in hope of finding an exit. Days later, Baal died of lack of water, while Nur was still alive thanks to his mutant physiology. Before dying, Baal once again assured Nur of his destiny to beat Rama-Tut, and Nur vowed to do so.

Weeks later after the cave-in, Nur managed to find a way out only to see Rama-Tut fleeing to his time machine after being defeated by the Fantastic Four. Knowing that Nur would become the future Apocalypse, Rama-Tut offered to make him heir if he swore loyalty to Rama-Tut. Nur rejected the offer immediately and tried to avenge Baal. Failing to recruit Nur, Rama-Tut fired at Nur with the same weapon he’d been using since travelling back to Egypt, but not only did the shot fail to kill Nur, it granted him the power of immortality.

Shocked at the turn of events, Rama-Tut ordered his personal guards and Ozymandias, commander of the guards, to stall Nur while he escaped to his original timeline, ending his reign as the Pharaoh. And Nur easily defeated Ozymandias and his soldiers. From then on, En Sabah Nur had no interest in becoming the Pharaoh but he had been plotting on ruling the entire world. And millennia later, he would usher in the Age of Apocalypse.

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Brotherhood of the Shield

In 2620 BC, Egypt was invaded by the Brood. The powerful pharaoh at that time, Pharaoh Khasekhemwy Khasekhemui, was infected by the Brood virus and turned into a Brood himself. A warrior named Imhotep led other fearless warriors (including En Sabah Nur) in a war against the aliens. They successfully defeated the Brood after Imhotep personally killed the Brood Queen. And that was the day the Brotherhood of the Shield was formed, to honour the name of Imhotep and to protect the Earth from any attack.


The Rise of Greece

Conventionally people see 776 BC, the year of the first ever Olympic Games, the starting point of the Greek civilisation. However, the earliest activities can be traced back to the end of the Hyborian Age, when the Olympians started appearing. The Olympians would travel through the gateway on Mount Olympus to the region and interact with the inhabitants. This region was later called Greece.

Alexander the Great

The Greek civilisation saw brilliant minds such as Socrates and Aristotle. In 339 BC, all Greek states were united by Philip II, King of Macedonia. He was the father of Alexander the Great. In 336 BC, Philip II was assassinated and Alexander the Great took over the throne, he also inherited a strong and experienced army.

The Fall of Egypt

In 332 BC, Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and became the ruler. En Sabah Nur betrayed Egypt and joined force with the Greeks. After conquering Egypt, Alexander went on to invade India and he took Northwest India in 326 BC.

Not a single defeat was recorded for Alexander and he was labelled as one of the most successful military commanders in history.


Rest of the World

The Inhumans

The Inhumans had settled in the island city of Attilan for centuries due to the abundant amount of Terrigen Crystals found right beneath the city. Seeing themselves as higher beings, they created numerous clones of creatures called the Alpha Primitives, they were created as slaves and servants for the tasks of manual labours.

Around 1,500 BC, King Black Bolt noticed the rapid development of human civilisations outside Attilan, and he realised that interactions and conflicts with humans would be inevitable. As a result, he relocated the entire city of Attilan in a remote section of the Himalayas, this section was known as The Great Refuge.

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A giant meteor crashed in the jungles of Wakanda, a small nation located in East Africa. The destruction of the entire planet was avoided due to the unique ability of the meteor to absorb any vibrations. The Wakandans carefully approached the crash site and started mining the meteor to make weapons with it, it was named Vibranium by the Wakandans. The abundance of vibranium had helped shape Wakanda into one of the world’s most advanced countries in both science and technology.

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Thanos’ Birth

Led by Kronos, the Eternals developed an ability to merge all of their minds and powers into one single entity called the Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind revealed that the majority of the Eternals chose Kronos’ son Zuras as the new leader after Kronos’ passing.

Baby Thanos

To avoid conflicts and divisions amongst the Eternals, Zuras’ brother A’Lars didn’t challenge him for the leadership position. Instead, he exiled himself to the distant Saturn, and found its moon, Titan. While searching around Titan for life forms, he discovered an old settlement that was actually built by his uncle Uranos, who was also an exile some time ago. He found a female Eternal called Sui-San, who told him that there was a clash amongst Uranos’ followers, and she was the sole survivor. A’Lars decided to settle in Titan with Sui-San and changed his name to Mentor, and together they used genetic engineering to repopulate the moon.

Mentor and Sui-San had two sons. Eros was tall, handsome and carefree, whereas the other child had a monstrous appearance due to the Deviant Syndrome. He committed his first murder as a teenager, and fell in love with Death, he even killed his own mother some time later. This second child’s name was Thanos, the Mad Titan.


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    1. Hi John, the evil one was actually Thanos himself, I think I better change the sentence structure before confusing more people LOL! Glad to see you again!

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    1. Hi Mattias thanks for your comments! Yes, one thing I really like about Marvel is that they do integrate actual historical elements into their own universes. Let me know if you have any question 🙂

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    1. Hi Queen, thanks for stopping by, Rama-Tut used the time machine to escape to his own timeline.

      And Imhotep was an actual person in real-life Ancient Egypt, I guess these companies just used his name as the name can somehow be relatable to real life. So in a sense, yes they are the same Imhotep from Ancient Egypt; but also no because they are in two very different universes.

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the comments! I would love to cover more on the stories of Alexander, but he was not really in the Marvel continuity, so it would probably be a side project when I have the time 🙂

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    1. The ancient Games were actually more religious than sporting, and they were only held within Greece itself, but that was the origin of the modern Games 🙂

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    1. Hi Wendy thanks for stopping by! My best guess for immortality is Apocalypse’s mutant physiology reacting with the energy from the weapon. 

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    I really enjoy watching Marvel movies and especially the avengers. Therefore the baby Thanos part triggers me most to find out more about him haha.

    There is so much to read about and I think your website offers great help to any newbie to comics

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    1. Hey Mitchell funny you should ask about DBZ, it’s my absolutely all-time favourite manga/anime! I must’ve watched the entire 291 episodes 3 times and over, I remember binge watching it all night every night when I was younger. The android chapter of the show was just the best part, evolution of Cell plus Trunks from the future and everything! I had a serious crush on No. 18 LOL!

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    following the story of the ‘apocalypse’, Nur, how come he was led by Imhotep? Imhotep must have been a really great warrior…

    1. Hi Mariam thanks for the questions! The time travelling here is rather simple as it’s still within the same timeline, so he will age just like a normal person. If, for example, he managed to travel to an alternate universe and spent 50 years there, and when he travelled back to his own universe, he’d be 50 years older but time in his own universe might have just gone by for 10 years.

      As for Imhotep, he was a legendary warrior back then, and it was an alien invasion, if people didn’t unite and fight together, the Brood would’ve taken over the planet, so it was the planet vs his ego and I think it was a simple choice for Nur.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Scott! The movies and the comics are two very different things, without the books the movies would never be possible. I hope you’ll give the books a go!

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