The History of Marvel Universe – Part 2 The Early Men

Part 2 – The Early Men (2.7 million BC – 50,000 BC)

This is Part 2 of the History of Marvel Universe Project, this post includes the evolution and the rise of the human race on Earth. If you haven’t read part 1, I highly recommend you read it before starting this post.

The Evolutionaries

The Dawn of Men

When early humanoids started appearing on Earth, they were in the form of primitive ape-menAnother race later known as the Evolutionaries were being hunted by wolf-like predators, an Eternal named Phastos, while travelling back in time witnessed the hunt, he healed the injured Evolutionaries and made armours for them. He also assigned them the task of safeguarding mankind.

The Age of Men

2,000 centuries later in the continent later known as Africa, two human babies were born to a tribe of ape-men. Not understanding the significance of this event in the evolution tree, the ape-men debated whether to keep the babies alive as they appeared ‘alien’ to their own. The Evolutionaries interfered and exterminated the ape-men and the babies were kept safe, ensuring the preservation of the human bloodline. The babies were known as the First Men, and with the help of the Evolutionaries, the First Men managed to spawn a tribe of primitive humans and the tribe was known as the Wanderers.

The First Avengers

The Stone Age Avengers


Approximately 1.2 millions years ago, a single Celestial named Zgreb the Aspirant came to Earth to seek out his fellow Celestial, Progenitor (Celestial Zero). He found Progenitor’s body and was also infected by the Horde virus, this time the Horde mutated and turned Zgreb into the very first Dark Celestial, Zgreb went berserk and started wreaking havoc on Earth. This event has forced Odin, an Asgardian God, to assemble a team with other powerful beings at the time. This team consisted of Odin Borson, Agamotto, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Lady Phoenix and Starbrand. They called themselves the Stone Age Avengers. Together they managed to defeat Zgreb and buried him deep underground where would become today’s South Africa.

The First Host

When the Celestials decided to experiment on a particular race, they would also begin 4 tests (known as Hosts). In each Host, a group of Celestials would visit the experiment subjects and judge whether the race was worthy of their existence. Approximately 1 million years ago, following the loss of two Celestials (Progenitor and Zgreb), a group of Celestials decided to visit Earth and they experimented on the primitive Wanderers, the First Host began. Seen as a threat for planet Earth, the Stone Age Avengers assembled again to fight against the First Host. Though it was unclear which side won the battle.

The Eternals, Deviants and Humans

The First Host lasted for weeks and two new races were created from the genetic experiments: the Eternals were advanced beings who could tap into cosmic power to use various abilities, and they were virtually immortal. An eternal named Kronos became the leader and they lived in seclusion, vowing to protect planet Earth; and the Deviants were unstable, monstrous beings who moved into mountains and caves as savages, and later formed an empire in the Kingdom of Lemuria. The experiments on the rest of the Wanderers also acted as a catalyst for the evolution of the human race into what we are today. Meanwhile, the Celestials used Earth as a womb to start creating a new Celestial, though it would take it millennia to be born. They also develop a latent superhuman gene and injected it into the human bodies to increase the possibility of superhumans being born, with the intent that these superhumans would act as guardians while this new Celestial was being formed. However, many years later, this plan was discovered by the Fantastic Four and they successfully ended it.

Deviants, Humans and Eternals


At the same time, Set, having survived the Demogorge, returned to Earth and created its own race, the Serpent-Men. The Serpent-Men went to the Celestials in hope of being transformed into higher beings, but they were rejected. Thereafter, the Serpent-Men became jealous of the human race and became a sworn enemy.

The Inhumans

With the Kree-Skrull War still going on, the Kree followed the ways of the Progenitors (their creators) and searched throughout the universe to experiment on different species. They were trying to use genetic experiments to create super soldiers and fight for their war against the Skrulls.

About 300,000 years after the First Host, the Kree encountered a party of Eternals and discovered the sentient humans on Earth. Realising the genetic potential of the human race, they experimented on a group of humans using the Terrigen Crystals by exposing humans to the Terrigen Mists. This process was known as Terrigenesis. People that had gone through Terrigenesis would emerge with a new appearance and powers, however, not all who went through the process would be successful, some mutated into monstrous beings. The humans that went through Terrigenesis were called the Inhumans, and they settled in the island city of Attilan centuries later.

The Black Bolt

However, hundreds of thousands of years later, the Kree were ordered to cancel all experiment programs throughout the universe. The reason for the cancellation was that a super-computer in the Kree home world prophesied that a being known as the Midnight King would be created from the experiments, and he would be the end of the Kree. The Midnight King was later revealed to be Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans. The Kree were then ordered to cleanse all new races created from the experiments, but they failed to download the complete data from the Kree scientists, and five races were spared in the slaughter, one of those races was the Inhumans of Earth.

The Master of the World

In around 50,000 BC, a man named Eshu was born. He grew up to become a great hunter, however, being extremely anti-social, he was rejected and cast out of his own tribe. At that time, an alien race known as the Plodex sent a bio-ship to Earth with the intent of collecting data for potential experiments. The ship sent out a mental summon that lured Eshu to it, Eshu started travelling towards the ship only to be captured by it. Following the capture was a long 30,000-year process of extracting all the genetic information from Eshu’s body. However, during the process, Eshu’s brain managed to control the ship to create a genetically perfect body for himself. After the process was done, he called himself the Master of the World.


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  1. Hi, Tim!

    You have a very unique niche!  🙂  I must admit, it’s not one I’m all too familiar with.  However, you’ve given me a reason to want to learn more.  Thanks for such a descriptive and informative post about the history of Marvel Universe!  I find it very compelling.  You’ve got a great way of writing to captivate an audience, especially ones who know more about your topic.  Well done!  Carry on creating great content!

    1. Hi Thanks for your comment and support! Do have a read on my other posts too, and feel free to save the site and share it with your friends! More exciting stuff is coming up! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is really handsomely developing here. I read the part one which seemed a little tacky but there part two is very interesting. I like how you have also segmented each story. In the story of the master of the world, I noticed the use of the word eshu. I remember a friend telling me about a research about a God like that in Africa. Anyway, this project is really nice, can’t wait for part 3. Maybe I would get some comics myself to read.

    1. Hi Henderson I’m so glad that you are interested in following this project, part 3 will be about ancient civilisations on Earth and is already in planning. Stay tuned! Also let me know if you need any suggestions choosing comic books 🙂

  3. This was incredible. No I have not read part 1, but the information was extremely easy to follow. My son is very much into this type of thing so I do know a little and I have watched some of the movies. This made it a little easier to follow This is a wonderful niche and I enjoyed reading this post. It is well written with proper grammar and English skills. I like the use of bolding each time that you introduce a new species/character. Your paragraphs are right in tune with your topic titles as well. Very smooth, descriptive and well written. Will have to come back and read part 1.

    Keep up the good work and bet of luck to you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mary! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Do give part 1 a read too as it will probably answer some questions from part 2.

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  4. This caught my attention at first sight! First of all I’ve always been interested in the possibility of an alien “help” in the develop of the human race, secondly I love comics. You basically blasted my two curiosities together. Awesome article and can’t wait the third part.

    1. Hey Kent thanks for your comment and support!

      Feel free to save the site and part 3 should be up in a couple days, it will take a bit longer to write as it will cover much more content than this one. Stay tuned! 🙂

  5. Hey Tim!
    I am always incredibly amazed at the depth and complications of Marvel history. The sheer amount of lore, characters, events, comics, and movies is simply staggering.

    That said, I like how your site seems to be explaining things in an easy to understand and chronological way.

    I certainly recognize some of the characters (or their ancestors anyway) from that picture. Pretty wild how much backstory there was going into Infinity War and Endgame.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ben! Just wanna let you know that the MCU is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the Marvel comics history! Without the comics and the legends like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, there would be no MCU at all! I’m starting this project with the intent to spark a little passion in people’s hearts so that they would start to grow an interest in not only the movies and shows, but the comics too!

      Feel free to visit again for more exciting parts! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

  6. I enjoyed reading your marvels story. I have been a fan of this franchise for so long and am really looking forward to watching the Eternals which is going to be released next year.

    Amazing, I had no idea how far back as comics extended to. The way you explain everything was so easy to understand.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment! If you enjoyed the stories so far, don’t miss part 3 that should be coming up in a couple days, it’s gonna be exciting! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

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    1. Hi Russ thanks for commenting! Actually there are many other comic blogs, but I don’t see many people doing what I’m doing with the whole history/timeline thing. 

      And thank you so much for saving my site, feel free to read all the parts that have been uploaded so far, the next part is coming up soon! Cya around!

  8. I have just read your review of part 3 so I went back to Part a 2.7 million B  till 50 thousand BC. Celestials such as Zgreb the aAspisnt nad the progenitor and other mixed humans and perfect humans came around in the time of Eshu. Part @ stated the development of humans from apes to fully developed humans. Great Reading god for my child’s mind. these are not as good as Part 3 in terms of the beauty of Adventure and sequences of events of the story. There is a denial of Human creation as Human from the very beginning. However,  in one point that is what made it filled with stories that are bizarre and unique.

    1. Hi thanks again for commenting! You are absolutely right, this post has a really long span in terms of timelines, so I could only summarise some of the really key events in the journey of the early men. I believe there were still other minor events happening all the time, but if we were to include everything I probably wouldn’t be able to finish the project until I die LOL! I’m glad that you are active on my site, be sure to stay tuned for much more! 

  9. Hi Tim,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting and informative project. I really liked the subject evolution and the rise of the human race and I got helpful insights from your post.

    Wow, very interesting and engaging post and the information about Eshu was very interesting.

    Once I read, at the beginning of our civilization everyone was good, after many years good people and bad people lived separately, years passed by good people and bad people lived together. Do you know what’s the status now? Inside everyone, there is a hero and villain.

    Can’t wait for part 3. I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented.

    1. Thanks Paul for commenting! Part 3 has already been uploaded, and more parts are being planned and written right now! Do stay tuned for more updates!

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