The History of Marvel Universe – Part 1 The Beginning

Starting from today, I will embark on a very ambitious project – The ENTIRE History of Marvel Universe. I’ve been reading Marvel comics for a pretty long time and often I wondered how the universe as we know it came into existence. So I’ve been doing some research on the Marvel Universe, and I’ve compiled some of (I mean a lot of) the key events that happened throughout the timeline of Marvel Universe, and I want to present them in this project from my personal perspective. NOTE that the Universe I’m referring to is the one before Secret Wars (2015) as majority of Marvel’s publishing fell in this Universe. I will be writing from how the Universe was created until how it ended, so it will be a lot of work and a long journey ahead of us, I will try to post at least twice a week if my time allows, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


  • This project MAY and WILL contain SPOILERS to different extent, read on at your own risk!
  • I don’t have any political or religious affiliation with any events described in this project, I simply tell the stories.
  • ALL events described in this project are FICTIONAL. However, while certain events such as the World Wars were indeed real-life events, they occurred within the Marvel Universe, which is a fictional universe, therefore these events remain FICTIONAL.

PART 1 – THE BEGINNING (?? BC – 1,000,000 BC)


It is believed that every universe is created following the event known as The Big Bang. The main Marvel Universe (before Secret Wars) was in fact the 7th universe in the history of time. While we have little information on the first 5 universes, the story began with the destruction of the 6th…

The M’Kraan Crystal

The M’Kraan Crystal was a humongous pink crystal that was believed to be the first ever planet and as old as time itself. Within the crystal dwelt an alien race, at the centre of this alien city was an energy sphere that hosted a neutron galaxy. The sun of this galaxy was the nexus of every matter within the universe. The crystal itself was protected by a stasis field, if the field got damaged or destroyed, that would mean the doom of the entire universe, because every matter within the universe would be drawn into a black hole caused by the extended gravitation from the crystal core.

The Dweller in Darkness

There was a demonic entity known as the Dweller in Darkness. This demon sustained and strengthened its powers by feeding on the fear of all living beings. Trying to satisfy its insatiable desire for powers, the Dweller planned to destroy the M’Kraan Crystal to create mass chaos and fear throughout the universe, at the same to be reborn as the sole creator and ruler of a new universe. Succeeding in getting through the stasis field, the Dweller also managed to fracture the crystal itself.

The Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force was a cosmic entity that got reborn after each new universe was created. It represented life and was the guardian of the M’Kraan Crystal. Upon learning the evil plan of the Dweller, the Phoenix united the minds of all living matters in the universe to stop the Dweller. However, since the crystal was already fractured, the destruction of the universe was inevitable as it started to collapse.



Galan of Taa

On the verge of universal extinction, scientist Galan of Taa, the only human survivor boarded his space ship and headed straight to the point of collapse. Driven by a frenzy of passion for science, he was eager to find out what existed beyond the dimensions of space and time. While his ship survived the destruction of reality, Galan was transformed into a cosmic being, after being merged with another cosmic entity known as Eternity at the point of collapse.

The Big Bang

The Alpha/Omega

Following the destruction of the 6th universe, a cosmic egg known as the Alpha/Omega was formed containing the energy of the entire universe. As a cosmic being, Galan continued to wander in the post-cataclysm void in his space ship, and when he collided with the Alpha/Omega resulting in the 7th Big Bang, the 7th universe was born. Galan’s ship crashed on an unknown planet, but he was able to transform the ship into a space incubator, he launched it back into space and started another lengthy evolution that lasted for countless years. Born with the new universe were 6 stones of enormous power and they could control Time, Space, Power, Reality, Mind and Soul respectively, they were later known as the Infinity Gems. Across the universe, life started to blossom.

The Abstracts

Cosmic entities known as the Abstracts were formed followed by the Big Bang. The four main Abstracts were Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion and Death. There were dozens of other Abstracts that represented all aspects of sentience in the new universe. Above the Abstracts stood the Living Tribunal, who acted as the ultimate judge and arbitrator; and above the Tribunal was the One-Above-All, who was said to have created time itself.

The Acanti

The Acanti were one of the first races that started in the new universe. They were peaceful whale-like creatures who roamed the space in pursuit of knowledge.

The Celestials

The Celestials were a gigantic cosmic race, whose origin can be traced back to the very first universe – The First Firmament.

They aggressively sought out different races and species to perform genetic experiments, they were responsible for creating races such as the Skrulls and the Kree. They were also influencers to some major events on Earth, including the development of the X-Gene, which led to the rise of Mutants.

The Elders of the Universe

Several intelligent species emerged from the newly formed universe, however they were very short-lived. The last survivor of each species formed an alliance known as the Elders of the Universe, these elders were virtually immortal. The species and races they were each originally from were the direct creations of the genetic experiments performed by the Celestials.


The Watchers

The Watchers are a race of incalculable wisdom who achieved immortality, they were especially knowledgeable on atomic science. When they shared their knowledge with other younger races, they used the science to create weapons of mass destruction, ultimately destroying their own races. Thereafter, the Watchers all took a vow to never interfere with life in any way, and became the chroniclers who recorded all significant events happening throughout the universe. The Earth’s Watcher is known as Uatu.

The Brood

The Brood were a vile insectoid race who travelled around the universe in search of hosts to infect them with their spawn. They used a virus to infect their hosts by damaging their neural systems, and thus becoming compliant to the Brood’s orders. When they arrived in the Milky Way, they found peaceful, innocent Acanti and they used the same method to enslave them and used them as tools to infect other planets and star systems, forming the Brood Empire.


Meanwhile, Galan‘s evolution completed and he emerged from his incubator as Galactus the Devourer of Worlds. He created a worldship called Taa II, to travel around the universe to gain energy and power by devouring planets.

Earth and Elder Gods

Earth started forming around the sun and life forms started occupying the planet. Among them were the Elder Gods: Gaea, Mother of Earth; Oshtur, Giver of Light and Justice; Chthon, Mystic of Dark Magic and Set, the Great Destroyer. In the early days, most lives on Earth devolved into demons and started eating each other. In an attempt to stop this, Gaea mated with Earth’s sentient biosphere, Demiurge, giving birth to Atum, the God of Sun. However, Atum desired power and became corrupted and transformed into Demogorge, the Eater of Gods. Gaea and Oshtur remained on Earth to fight against Demogorge, while Set and Chthon escaped to other dimensions. Before he left, Chthon wrote his dark magic on a set of indestructible scrolls, known as the Darkhold, which would later bring Earth into chaos and peril. Demogorge continued to consume everything in his way, and eventually he released this demonic energy which gave birth to a new generation of demons, while he returned to his former self, Atum. Gaea also became the Mother Goddess of Earth’s next generation of Gods including the likes of Zeus and Odin.

Celestial Zero

A Celestial known as Progenitor was infected by the Horde, a race of cosmic locusts, and crash-landed on Earth’s North Pole. He later died in the Arctic Ocean and his blood and flesh contaminated Earth’s water and soil systems. Many believed that this event was the cause of mutations and superhuman genes. And Progenitor became known as Celestial Zero.

The Savage Land

An alien race known as the Nuwali visited Earth and created a massive game preserve area in the Antarctic Region, gathering all the flora and fauna of the time. Millions of years later, the aliens abandoned the preserve but the technology remained and the environment of this land remained throughout history until this day. This land later became known as the Savage Land.

The Skrulls and The Kree

In the Andromeda Galaxy, the Celestials started performing genetic experiments on a reptilian race called the Skrulls, giving them the power of shape-shifting. Meanwhile, on planet Hala, an ancient race called the Progenitors (no relation to Celestial Zero) experimented on the Kree, creating two distinctive tribes of Kree, the blue-skinned purebred and the pale-skinned savages. The savages were later visited by the Skrulls, in exchange for resources, the Skrulls offered technology to the native occupants of Hala, the Kree and the Cotati. They proposed a contest between the two races and the winner would then receive the technology as reward. The Kree won the contest by completely annihilating the Cotati, the Skrulls resented the violence and barbarism of the Kree, and the Kree destroyed the Skrull party and also took the space ship that they came in. After mastering the Skrull technology, the Kree travelled to the Skrull world and waged the infamous Kree-Skrull War that lasted for millennia.


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  1. Hello Tim. This is so new to me. I dont think I read the beginning of the marvel comics to know all this. I never read any actually, I only watched those very new ones. Its awesome to learn about the history. I have heard of the skrulls and the kree in some other superhero movies. I didn’t know they were created by the first set of heroes from the first firmament. This is good and I look forward to part 2

    1. Hi Henderson! Thank you so much for your comment! I became a Marvel fan from watching movies too! But there’s so much more in the comics world, and it’s so difficult to try to pick a jump-on point because the amount of comics out there is so overwhelming. I’m doing this to simplify this whole thing so that people don’t have to learn the history from all those books, and hopefully this can stir up an interest in their heart to start reading comics, comics are just so awesome!

      Also do save this website if you wanna know more about the history, Ill be updating this project whenever I have time to write. There will be other exciting projects coming up too! If you know anyone that might be interested in this, feel free to share my site with them! Cya later!

  2. Wow! Following the marvel series right from time without really bothering to check about how the marvel universe even came to be. Reading this post, I was just connecting and reconnecting some instances that I have seen in the marvel movie series and how they are directly influenced or came to existence due to this historical background. Wow! Very interesting to read on and I’m definitely going to share this out to people. Only me cannot know about how the history of marvel came to being. Thanks

    1. Hi Tracy! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes I was a Marvel movie fan before becoming a comics fan, and I know the movies and TV shows cannot do the 80 years of Marvel history justice, and I want people to know about the history because it’s so awesome! 

      Thank you for being willing to share this site with your friends! And do save the site because much more exciting things are coming, and I’ll definitely be updating this project! See ya around!

  3. Goodness, what an ambitious project indeed! I thought I knew a bit about the Marvel Universe until I read this post. Clearly I have a great deal to learn. I really only know it from the movies so I had really no idea about this early part of the timeline. It’s really interesting to read a bit of background which helps put those movies context.  I will be really interested to read your posts as you progress through time. Very best of luck with it!

    1. Hi Thanks for your comment! Your response is exactly why I wanted to start this project, to put things into perspective for those who don’t know much about the history. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for part 2 which is coming very soon! Feel free to save this site and share it with your friends! 

  4. I feel so blessed to have been able to come across this in depth history of the marvel universe. Wow! So much interesting discoveries and facts. I never knew there could be this much history to the marvel universe. Actually, this should have been the first thing to read before watching the marvel series or reading the comics. Wow! I would definitely look forward to the part 2 of this article

    1. Hey Roland! Thanks for your comment, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! Feel free to save this site and share it with your friends! Stay tuned, part 2 is in production and coming very soon! This is only the beginning, things are definitely getting interesting! 

  5. Thank you for this. I’d just be following the whole thing from  this project you’re starting up. I love marvel and j enjoy watching their movies. The comics,I’m not so used to and there are just so many of them. Learning about the first phase of the marvel universe from your site will be awesome. I’ll share this with my marvel loving friends too. Cheers

    1. Thank you Henderson for you support! I hope this project will stir up a little passion in your heart for the comics. And if you do wanna start reading the comics, I can give you some directions because I know how overwhelming it is to choose from the massive amount of books and actually start. 

      Thanks for following this project too! Stay tuned, I’m trying to finish up part 2 in a few hours 🙂

  6. For Marvel fans like me, this is absolutely godsend. Although I have been a fan of the Marvel Universe for a long time, your article has become a guide to me and a ready reckoner for brushing up on the history of the Marvel universe. Looking forward to being a part of your journey as you unveil the history of the Marvel universe part by part.

    1. Thanks for your kind word, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Feel free to save the site, much more exciting stories are coming up!

  7. Hello,

    I knew absolutely nothing about the Marvel universe before reading this post. What a lot of information you have packed in to one article. I feel now that I must start reading more about this as it all sounds completely fascinating.

    I look forward to seeing more of your articles and learning as I go about Marvel Universe and how it came to be. The character insights are great and you have opened up a whole new interest for me. Good Luck with your project, the research must be quite mind boggling!


    1. Hi Louise, thanks for leaving your comments! 

      This is why I’m doing this in the first place, to introduce the beauty of the comics world to people like yourself! And yes the research process has been tough and to organise so many events and timelines into one post is really challenging, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Because it’s all worth it when I know that people enjoy reading my posts. 

      Feel free to come back for more awesome stories, cya around! 

  8. Hello there, thanks  for taking your time to make us know how the marvel universe came about. I must confess its never really crossed my mind to ask. My kids are fan of marvel and surprisingly I haven’t heard them talk about the creation of this universe where all these super heroes exist. I have always been the one who knows nothing about Marvel but i would be super excited to hit them with the creation if the marvel world from what i have read here. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Hi Chloe thanks for commenting! I hope my posts can truly interest and entertain your kids, feel free to read more posts from my site and save it, as more stories are in the planning! Cya around!

  9. Wow, my entire family are big fan of marvel but i am certain no one amongst us knows about the creation of the marvel world. I have a read about the destruction of the world but never though of how it came about. I am glad you made this research and bringing it to our notice. Now I can say I’m aware of how it started. I look forward to seeing more on this topic. 

    1. Hi Dane thanks for commenting! I believe you are talking about the Secret Wars? I’m glad your whole family are Marvel fans, if you are interested in more of these stories, do save the site, more posts are coming up weekly!  

  10. Hey Tim, 

    First off, wow! You really do know your Marvel universe! I mercerized by it on how much it goes to all the universe. I only follow some of the popular comic books and never thought about the universe. It is awesome to learn about the history on which one starts first. Cannot wait to read up part 2!

    1. Hi thanks for commenting! This is only the beginning, I haven’t even started introducing most of the big players yet! So do stay tuned as the most exciting stories are yet to come!

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